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- Earn Extra Income

- Work From Home

- Be Your Own Boss

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- Simply A Better Way!


  • Another day of waking up to the alarm clock?
  • Another day of your children in expensive child care?
  • Another day of going to work for someone else?
  • Another day not spent with your family?
  • Another year without a holiday?
  • Another day spent in fear of your future?


  • Waking up with a new outlook on life!
  • Being there to see your children grow up!
  • Standing tall and going to work for yourself!
  • Having time to spend with your family!
  • The time and money to take holidays!
  • Making real plans for the future!

Are you serious, teachable, willing to work and do you have a burning desire to improve your life circumstances....?

  • No experience necessary
  • Full & comprehensive training provided
  • Join our team of dynamic & positive people
  • Get into the best physical & mental shape of your life & simply inspire others
  • Free access to all our support groups 
  • Design a life for you and your family
  • Work alongside your current career
  • As Irelands Top Producing Distributors we will share all our knowledge and mentor you to build your own successful business
  • Learn how to create multiple & residual income streams 
  • Connect with people around the world and build an international business from the comfort of your own home
  • Unlimited Income Potential – The Possibilities Are Endless!
"This is an opportunity of a life time. I previously worked a 9 to 5 in the finance sector. After having two kids I really struggled and wanted to be a present parent. I always wanted to start my own business. Ciarán and Donna opened my eyes up to this amazing work from home opportunity. Now I'm doing just that and building a solid income whilst being there for my kids. I simply love what I do!

Many people simply aren't happy with their jobs and want to do something they feel passionate about. However, many of us are fearful it might not work out and never try! We both had full time jobs and started very part time alongside our careers. Most people in Network Marketing start out like this and as their business scales up they have more options.

Opportunities don't come along often in life. We to took a chance and worked hard & smart to become successful. We are simply offering anyone who wants to take that next step & embrace what is an amazing company & real opportunity. If you would like to work from home or be your own boss, Herbalife Nutrition is definitely for you. When you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life!

"I was sceptical at first & wasn't too keen on trying Herbalife Nutrition. However, Ciarán my club mate was persistent! After trying the products I was amazed. They were the nicest performance nutrition products I'd tasted! After dropping body fat, recovering faster, improving my performance & energy I joined the team and haven't looked back. I have a team of my own now and it's growing month on month along with my income!. I'm making more money now than I was in my previous job and I have more time freedom. As an intercounty footballer with Westmeath I'm showing other athletes how they can make a side-line extra income simply by partnering with Herbalife Nutrition and continuing to live and promote a Healthy Active Lifestyle".

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Do a Job You Love

Earn Extra Income

Work Own Hours

More Family Time

How Herbalife Nutrition has Impacted our Life

“We couldn’t be more grateful and happy that we found Herbalife Nutrition. It has positively changed many aspects of our life. Financially we have never been more comfortable and what’s most important to us is the time freedom the opportunity has afforded us. We have 3 young kids and they are a massive part of why we started. No more long commutes and hours spent in the car going into stressful work environments. Thankfully we have worked hard and we are now very fortunate that we get to drop and collect our kids from school while building a sustainable and scalable income. Our kids are happy, healthy and think it’s normal to see Mam & Dad everyday! We know how difficult it is for parents to juggle work, kids, bills and still find time for “self-care”. This is an unbelievable opportunity to find a really healthy work-life balance. We practice what we preach and feel so healthy because of it too. We love staying fit, healthy, eating good and love taking our Herbalife Nutrition products daily. We aren’t missing out on the best things in life because of a stressful 9 to 5. Simply by working harder on ourselves, embracing a journey of personal development & staying open to helping others we have found the most amazing company and opportunity in the world. We hope you do the same.

We weren’t an overnight success! We attended all the trainings provided and still do to this day, we gave 100% effort and never gave up when we faced challenges. Thankfully now we have little to no financial stress. We’ve qualified for several of the promotional vacations the company provides and they are off the scale! We also love traveling to corporate events the company run worldwide and we have met some amazing & inspiring people on these trips. Meeting other successful entrepreneurs and seeing how they build and run their businesses has been hugely beneficial and inspiring.

We were growing sick (literally) of our normal working life grind. Commuting 4+ hours Monday to Friday, paying a mortgage, bills and not seeing our kids was not the life we wanted! Donna is now a fully qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrionist & Fitness Instructor which is not essential at all for this business but does compliment it well.  If you’d like to improve your Health & Wealth click on “Join The Team”, fill out the form & we’ll be in touch”. Ciarán & Donna. X

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